Our products benefit the environment in many ways: we clean the air, help to produce clean and drinkable water, preserve the earth’s resources or ensure the health of agricultural soils. For many years now, Carmeuse has also demonstrated a responsible approach in the area of land management and restoration of quarries. We are proud to be recognized as a company that preserves and even develops biodiversity.  At the same time, we recognize that our activities have an impact on the environment and the communities that live nearby. We are committed to reduce this impact as we believe that in order to be successful in our industry, in the long term, we must act in a sustainable manner.

Sustainable development rests on three domains: social, environmental and economic. These three domains are very much interlinked. We carry out projects with a focus reflecting on environmental and social impacts, and we no longer carry out economic development without thinking about the impacts that it can have on people and the place where they live. At Carmeuse, we call these the “3Ps”: People, Planet and Prosperity.


When we start up a new project wherever it may be in the world, we first ask ourselves how we can ensure the well-being and safety of the people who work for us and with us, and those of the people who live near the plant site.



Thanks to a long-term strategy, we are making every effort to ensure the growth and stability of our company. By guaranteeing high-quality products and services, we remain one of the market leaders. 

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A genuine concern for the environment around us, combined with integrating proven and reliable processes in the production of lime and limestone in order to preserve the environment, is at the very heart of our “values”. 



For Carmeuse, certifications and ratings are frameworks and recognitions at the international level that allow our company to have a long-term strategic vision as well as improve our organization, the quality of our services and the way in which we work.