Water Treatment

In today's ever-evolving market landscape, water treatment is not just a necessity; it's a strategic advantage. Whether you're in the industrial, commercial, or residential sector, having access to reliable and efficient water treatment solutions can make all the difference. By understanding the significance of water treatment and embracing innovative technologies, we take a significant step towards a sustainable and healthier future for our planet. Remember, every drop counts. At Carmeuse, we are dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions for water treatment across various sectors. With a team of experts and a commitment to sustainability, we aim to address the pressing challenges of wastewater, process water, and drinking water treatment. 



Water is one of the key elements for life on our planet, therefore it is a must that water is purified before releasing it back to nature. Wastewater treatments are installed in municipalities and industries in order to comply with the physical, chemical, and biological limits imposed by the local governments in order to secure a safe and healthy water balance. The AquaCalco® product family enables to achieve these limits in a cost-efficient matter thanks to different functionalities of the products.

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Water is an essential resource for almost all types of industry.  These so-called process waters are used in a wide range of application variations from water inside reaction processes, cooling water, boiler water, etc. Process waters, which are often derived from surface water or recycled wastewater, must be treated in accordance with the specifications required by production to enable a good and stable production process. The AquaCalco® product range enables to achieve specific requirements in a cost-efficient way thanks to the different product features.

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Drinking water is prepared from underground wells, sources, and surface water. In most cases, these raw waters have to be purified and disinfected to comply with drinking water norms. Besides the purification, more and more countries are implementing water hardness control in order to supply 'soft' water to end users, leading to improved water quality that will lead to a higher sustainability due to lower use of detergents, reduced scaling and corrosion in transport pipes and household equipment. The AquaCalco® W product range is effectively used both in the purification process and in hardness control in accordance with the EN-12518 drinking water norm.

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