Waste management is now a priority for all of us. Reducing, reusing, and recycling our waste must be everyone’s focus. Nevertheless, energy recovery from the waste’s remaining fraction is the best solution. This fraction is a sustainable part of the waste management chain and generates valuable and renewable energy. The sector is one of the cleanest in Europe, thanks to the reduction of pollutant emissions from waste-to-energy plants in line with some of the world's most stringent regulations. The CleanCalco® product range and technical support team enable to achieve the required legal requirements with the lowest possible economic impact.


Features in more detail:

In line with the best available technology:

  • CleanCalco® products offer high efficiency in removing acidic pollutants of chloride, sulphur, selenium, and fluoride.
  • Thanks to dual injection with CleanCalco® Depurcal, a significant reduction in pollutant load can be achieved prior to the classic’ flue gas cleaning line.

Wide Portfolio:

  • The CleanCalco® product range includes a wide range of products that are engineered for use in most flue gas cleaning systems from wet to dry scrubbing.
  • A special range of products for the improvement of boiler cleanliness.

On-site technical support & optimization:

  • Carmeuse's experts can help you optimize your process to meet strict legislative requirements and take into account the total cost of operation.

Safe and easy to use:

  • Products are ready to use.
  • CleanCalco® products are considered as non-ADR product and non-corrosive to the skin (ex. CleanCalco® Q).


Benefits in more detail:

Achieving legal requirements:

  • CleanCalco® products are suited and compatible with most existing flue gas cleaning units.
  • Dual injection with CleanCalco® Depurcal enables a reduction of pollutants prior to the flue gas cleaning line, resulting in smoother and more efficient operation of the entire line.

TCO optimalization:

  • Lower reagent consumption thanks to very high efficiency and technological support from our experts.
  • No reagent preparation.
  • Lower leachability of fly ash resulting to lower disposal costs or potential reuse in the process.
  • High energy recovery due to low temperature efficiency and improved boiler cleanliness when using CleanCalco® products suitable for high temperature injection.
  • No increase in CO2 emissions in Scope 1.
  • No availability limits and locally produced.