AquaCalco® W

AquaCalco® W products are lime-based products designed for the safe and clean treatment of drinking water. The applications of these products vary from purification, pH control, remineralization to water softening, and are even suitable for use in advanced decarbonation units such as pellet reactors.

>7 million
Europeans use drinking water treated with AquaCalco®
215 million
m3 of drinking water produced using AquaCalco®
years of expertise in drinking water treatment

Key Considerations

  • Available in different forms:
    AquaCalco® LSW (calcium carbonate, limestone);
    AquaCalco® QW (calcium oxide, quicklime);
    AquaCalco® SW (calcium hydroxide, hydrated lime);
    AquaCalco® MW (milk-of-lime, suspension of hydrated lime).
  • Suitable for the treatment of water intended for human consumption in accordance with EN 12518. Very low aluminium content allows the water production for hospitals.
  • It is used in a huge variety of applications such as basin decarbonization, enhanced softening in pellet reactors, remineralization, purification and pH control.

Products are available with different particle size distributions and concentrations tailored to the needs of the technology and equipment used.