The goal of the Carmeuse Foundation is to create partnerships to offer underprivileged children possibilities of education, training or assistance in order to improve their chances of success in life. We believe that it is essential to invest in the life of children today in order to build the next generation. We make this a reality with financial contributions and the enthusiastic support of Carmeuse employee volunteers.

Our Foundation concentrates on projects close to our plants or our offices because it allows us to create stronger links and channels of communication between our employees, the associations in the field and the communities in which we operate.

Since its creation in 2010, the Carmeuse Foundation has supported many projects in multiple regions (50 in the USA and Canada, 20 in Europe, including 8 in Belgium, and 1 in the Middle East). The Carmeuse Foundation also promotes local solidarity. For this, Carmeuse employees regularly organize days which they devote to underprivileged children: gardening, construction, painting, works for the associations and the partners.

They are initiatives that our company wishes to encourage and develop in order to support important projects for the community and in which employees can get involved.

The purpose of Carmeuse Foundation:

  • Ensure a long-lasting and trusting partnership with sponsored organizations
  • Reinforce the human aspect of our company internally and externally
  • Develop a sense of pride among employees
  • Enhance our company values within our neighbouring communities
  • Promote communication to create stronger bonds between our company and the community

For more information please contact:
Nadine de Halleux nadine.dehalleux [at] (nadine[dot]dehalleux[at]carmeuse[dot]com)


  • For the period of 2017 - 2018, we have chosen to support the following associations proposed by the King Baudouin Foundation:
    Amarrage in Braine-L'alleud
    C-Page in Liège
  • For the period of 2015 - 2016, we have chosen to support the following associations proposed by the King Baudouin Foundation:
    CIAC in Couvin
    AMO Reliance in Visé
  • For the period 2013 – 2014, we have supported the following associations proposed by the King Baudouin Foundation: Racynes


  • Romania : Drum Sigur "Choose your Way" is a project through which Școala de Valori and Carmeuse help Romanian teenagers rediscover their innate potential, gain trust in their abilities and use said abilities to pave the way towards a future job.
  • Romania : Educational center Diaconia in Brasov: offering education services to 15 children in kindergarten 
  • Hungary : Health center for disabled children in Boly 
  • Bosnia : Ozren primary school in Paklenica Donja: offer better access conditions to education, support computer training and improve the school infrastructure (repair the central heating system) 


  • Balev in Izmir : student residence 



  • Romania: Anca DRAGOMAN: +40 727 34 56 98
  • Bosnia, Serbia: Katarina TODOROVIC: + 381 648 22 41 14 
  • Hungary, Czech Rep., Slovakia: Lenka KIS-BODNAROVA : +421 58 78 62 217
  • Turkey: Arif ONCU: +90 232 463 80 42