Soil Amendment

Soil is our most important wealth. We need healthy, optimal soil, free of nutrition-elements blockages, with perfect physical, chemical and biological properties, working in our support to achieve excellent yields per unit area. For all farmers, superior, high-quality production at acceptable costs is the ideal they strive for. 


In order to benefit from all the positive parts of healthy soil (i.e., optimal for the crop plants and the living organisms in it) and in order that the soil will work for us in achieving the supreme target (maximum yields in terms of quantity and quality, with low expenses), our soil must have a constant, neutral pH.

Farmers struggle to achieve their crop-growing targets, due to the natural and artificial acidity of the soil, alkalinity, lack of Calcium, and compacted, unaerated, and low water capacity soils, found in most regions. To meet this challenge and achieve acceptable yields, farmers may sometimes use excessive quantities of NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium) fertilizers. This gradually leads to increasing soil acidification, with a negative impact on agricultural performance. To tackle all these challenges, we have developed TerraCalco®.