OPTILIT® is our product range for the hygiene and drying of bedding in barns. It helps to prevent and control infections and diseases. It practically improves hygienic conditions, reduces unpleasant odours, absorbs moisture, reduces infections and parasites, neutralizes the acidity of feces. If animals could talk, they would ask for OPTILIT®.

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Key Considerations

  • Optilit® is a unique blend in the form of an absorbent and disinfectant powder designed for livestock farms to obtain a dry bedding area. Suitable for poultry, pigs, cattle, goats, sheep, cabals, and others.
  • Livestock hygiene is essential for the health and profitability of your farm.
  • Controlling unpleasant odours is a key element to ensure the comfort of animals and keepers.
  • Optilit® kills germs and prevents parasites.

Carmeuse developed OPTILIT® to meet these needs:

  • Reduction in the number of cases of mastitis.
  • Drying of the litter.
  • Savings on the quantities of straw used.
  • Enrichment of manure with alkaline supplements.
  • Weaning newborn pigs in a quick, healthy and gentle way, to keep them in the best condition.


Dosage per week for each animal category:

  • Pigs: 20-100 g/m2 once or twice a week; apply daily for the first 7 days after population
  • Bovines: 500 g/m2 spread in a thin layer on bedding
  • Poultry: 100-200 g/m2; can be increased by a further 100-300 g/m2 if necessary
  • Ovine: 200 g/m2 spray on bedding
  • Horses: 200-300 g/m2 spray on bedding
  • Small animals: 100 g/m2 spray on bedding