CleanCalco® is a wide portfolio of products and associated services to ensure the smooth operation of your flue gas cleaning systems, while complying with the required pollutant removal efficiencies. Carmeuse supplies worldwide quality reagents and sorbents to capture polluting gases. Helping you focus on your core business, not your stack emissions!

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Key Considerations

  • Wide portfolio adapted to your chosen technology: Hot side injection (CleanCalco® Depurcal, FBC); Wet scrubbing (CleanCalco® Q, SD, LS); Semi-wet scrubbing (CleanCalco® Q, SD); Semi-dry FGC (CleanCalco® HPV, FGC, CDS); Dry scrubbing (CleanCalco® FGC, HPV, FGC-AC).
  • Complies with legislation and meets the strict legal requirements for fluoride, chloride, SOx (and VOC with CleanCalco® FGC-C).
  • Compatible with Best Available Technology for acid pollutant removal.
  • Adapted to your technology thanks to the high chemical purity, optimized particle size distribution and reactivity. Specially engineered products for enhanced acid pollutant removal thanks to increased active surface and optimized porous volume distribution.
  • On-site technical support and optimization: Carmeuse experts help you to optimize your process to achieve the strict legislation while taking into account the total cost of operation.