The StabiCalco® product range is specially developed to neutralize, solidify, and stabilize many types of "contaminated" wastes, sludges, and soils. This treatment can be carried out in-situ or ex-situ depending on the contamination type. Treatment with StabiCalco® products enables environmentally friendly and safe reuse or guarantees safe discharge.

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Key Considerations

  • Available in different forms: StabiCalco® Q, QL, QD (calcium oxide, quicklime-based products); StabiCalco® S (calcium hydroxide, hydrated lime); StabiCalco® B (Binders).
  • StabiCalco® Q and S are available in several different reactivities and granulometries depending on the utilization method and the pollution to be treated.
  • Neutralization and immobilization of heavy metals and sulphur oxides (SOx)
  • Customized solution suited to your application, thanks to customized binders providing neutralization, immobilization and stabilization of the polluted soils or sludges enabling re-use.
  • Consistent quality in all product grades.

Products are available with different particle size distributions adapted to the needs of the used technology and installation.