Hydrate is a multifunctional additive for asphalt mixes that reduces moisture sensitivity and stripping. It alters the oxidation chemistry in the binder, acts as an anti-aging antioxidant and reduces the carbon footprint by 23% due to longer lifetime and reduced maintenance work. 

years of expertise in Europe

Key Considerations

  • Increased moisture resistance.
  • Stiffens the binder and asphalt to resist rutting.
  • Improves toughness and resistance to fracture growth at low temperatures.
  • Increased lifetime of up to 25% according to French agencies.
  • French and Dutch highway agencies are convinced.

All of the above-mentioned properties enhance the durability of asphalt mixtures. Road managers confirm that hydrate increases durability by 25% over the lifetime of asphalt roads, thus reducing the carbon footprint by 23%. Contact us to know more about our hydrated lime, and our expertise.