Soil Treatment

Soil processing plays a key role in the sustainable management of our natural resources, especially in Europe where large volumes of land are subjected to various processing operations. In line with the principles of the circular economy, industrial sludge finds a new life after its original use. This versatile material can be reused in industry, integrated into construction projects, or used in environmental remediation. By using lime-based solutions, we are not only solving immediate environmental problems, but also setting the stage for a more sustainable future. These binders facilitate the conversion of potentially harmful materials into valuable resources, minimizing waste and reducing our dependence on limited raw materials.



Large volumes of industrial sludge and contaminated soil are treated in Europe. In line with the Circular Economy concept, industrial sludge can be reused in industry, construction and remediation or recovered as fuel. All environmental burdens, regardless of their type and origin, require treatment to control their adverse environmental impacts. Carmeuse offers the StabiCalco® range of products for the comprehensive treatment and stabilization of polluted soils.

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Fine soils with poor bearing ratio are often a major challenge for geoengineers and designers. When ViaCalco® is mixed into fine soils, an unworkable site can be converted into a solid working platform. This provides a base for further construction of all types of subgrades, capping layers and subbases for highways, railways, roads, industrial areas, airports, or other earthworks related to civil engineering projects.

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