Calcium Salts

Calcium-based compounds or salts are used worldwide in a wide range of applications.  Lime-based products are most commonly used as a source of calcium for the production of these "chemicals" because they do not contaminate the final products with foreign and undesirable ions. The end products can be used in agriculture, food processing, animal feed, disinfection, plastics manufacturing, and many others. Carmeuse offers a wide range of products, know-how and services focused on the specific needs of the main processes using lime-based products in order to maximize the efficiency of the entire process.


Features in more detail:

High purity & reactivity:

  • The Carmeuse portfolio is very broad, each product has a high purity and adapted reactivity to your process, as these properties have a direct impact on the process yield and quality of the final product.
  • The product range complies with HACCP and FCA regulations and standards.

High calcium content:

→ All provided products have a high calcium content:

  • Limestone-based products: minimum 38%w Calcium.
  • Quicklime-based products: minimum 68%w Calcium.
  • Hydrated lime-based products: minimum 52%w Calcium.

pH control:

  • Highly suitable for pH control to protect biological life in the reactor, or to reach optimum conditions for biochemical reactions.
  • Neutralization value ensures proper neutralization of (organic) acids, producing high purity calcium salts.