Calcitec® for Building Materials

Engineered milled limestone with a high calcium carbonate content. The use of Calcitec® in the mix results in high-performance, long-lasting roofing membranes and shingles. It is also the best solution for all types of ready-mix concrete and precast concrete. It is recommended for use in architectural concrete, minimizing the use of colorants.

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Key Considerations

  • Calcitec® is used as the skeleton in a bituminous-filler mixture to create weight for the blend.
  • It is compatible with neat and oxidized bitumen, as well as SBS-modified bitumen.
  • Calcitec® is used in mixtures for flooring solutions to create weight and stability.
  • Thanks to the consistency in whiteness, absorption and fineness, it contributes to a more efficient performance in your process.
  • Calcitec® can partially replace cement in the mix, once certified according to the Equivalent Concrete Performance Concept in line with European Concrete Standard EN 206.