Polluted Soils

Large volumes of industrial sludge and contaminated soil are treated in Europe. In line with the Circular Economy concept, industrial sludge can be reused in industry, construction and remediation or recovered as fuel. All environmental burdens, regardless of their type and origin, require treatment to control their adverse environmental impacts. Carmeuse offers the StabiCalco® range of products for the comprehensive treatment and stabilization of polluted soils.


Features in more detail:


  • StabiCalco® product range with a pH value of 12.6 has a high neutralization value that allows the pH to be increased without the use of corrosive and hazardous chemicals.

Customized blends:

  • In special cases, customized lime-containing binders combine the effects above with the increased cementitious reaction of hydraulic admixtures. The result is stable and durable final products wherever required.

Coagulation effects:

  • StabiCalco® products promote the coagulation of clay compounds making it easier to treat.

Immobilization and stabilization:

  • For most sediments, customized binders combine the above effects with the increased cementitious reaction of hydraulic admixtures. This synergistic effect results in stable and durable final products wherever required.


Benefits in more detail:

Improved safety:

  • Safer neutralization of acid soils with a StabiCalco® S and M that considered as non-ADR product and non-corrosive to the skin.

Improved handling:

  • Drying (thanks to exothermic reactions).
  • Further dewatering and physical transformation thanks to reaction with clay minerals in the soil, which releases physically bound water; this changes their character to sandy or granular.

Contaminant immobilization and leaching blockage:

  • Reduction in the solubility of most contaminants in polluted soils (especially heavy metals, fluorides, and sulphur) due to the alkaline pH and the addition of calcium, which prevents their leaching into the environment.

TCO reduction:

  • Thanks to the various features of the StabiCalco® product range, a reduction in the number of treatment steps and/or in-situ treatment can be achieved, leading to a reduction in overall treatment costs.
  • No availability limits and locally produced.


  • Potential re-use of ‘sludges’.
  • In-situ treatment possible in some cases.