Process water

Water is an essential resource for almost all types of industry.  These so-called process waters are used in a wide range of application variations from water inside reaction processes, cooling water, boiler water, etc. Process waters, which are often derived from surface water or recycled wastewater, must be treated in accordance with the specifications required by production to enable a good and stable production process. The AquaCalco® product range enables to achieve specific requirements in a cost-efficient way thanks to the different product features.


Features in more detail:

Hardness control:

  • Thanks to the pH increasing properties and the calcium source, an appropriate decarbonization or remineralization of the water is achieved.

pH control:

  • The AquaCalco® product range (Q, S, M) with a pH value of 12.6 has a high neutralization value, which allows a suitable and correct pH increase.
  • The AquaCalco® LS acts as a natural buffer as it slowly reacts with acidic water and neutralizes it up to a pH of around 7, while mineralizing the water with calcium and/or magnesium.

Precipitation of inorganic pollutants:

  • Thanks to the increase of the pH value heavy metals can be efficiently removed from the wastewater.
  • Due to the calcium content of the AquaCalco® range, pollutants such as sulphates, phosphates and fluorides are precipitated as low-soluble calcium salts.

COD reduction by coagulation:

  • The AquaCalco® products promote the coagulation/flocculation of insoluble organic matter in water. By removing these organic components in the form of sludge, a significant reduction in COD (chemical oxygen demand) can be observed.


  • Most of the AquaCalco® products are produced locally.


Benefits in more detail:

Upcycling of softening by-products:

  • The decarbonization process with AquaCalco® products forms a limestone sludge that can be valorized e.g. in agricultural processes.

Safe and easy to handle:

  • The AquaCalco® S and M are considered as non-ADR product and non-corrosive to the skin.

Unique pH neutralization:

  • One on one replacement of Caustic Soda.

TCO reduction:

  • AquaCalco® is more cost efficient than other pH increasing neutralizing agents.
  • AquaCalco® improves coagulation while reducing the need for other chemical reagents in physicochemical water treatment.
  • Reduced wear and cleaning needs due to hardness control.
  • No limitation of availability and is produced locally.