High Calcium Quicklime

Our high calcium quicklime is a key component in the steelmaking processes like in Basic Oxygen Furnace (BOF), Electric Arc Furnace (EAF), and in stainless steelmaking processes as a fluxing agent to achieve proper slag chemistry and physical properties. It is also a key material for slagmaking in secondary metallurgy. It is used to refine, desulfurize, and control inclusions in the steel bath and in the argon oxygen decarburization furnace (AOD) to maintain chrome recovery. Quality high calcium lime is critical to producing quality steel and control of steelmaking process cost.

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Key Considerations

  • High reactivity soft burnt quicklime with high calcium content guarantees fast dissolution in the slag.
  • Optimizes chemistry of slag in the best cost-effective way.
  • Removes impurities in steel such as phosphorus and silica or sulphur.
  • Creates and maintains proper viscosity of the slag to increase heat and metallic yields.
  • Supports slag foaming in EAF throughout the heat.
  • Prevents nitrogen and hydrogen pickup, especially at refining step.
  • Reduces energy costs by insulating the bath.
  • Lime handling to prevent fines generation.
  • Lime injection in EAF to further control lime activity and slag foaming.