Drinking Water

Drinking water is prepared from underground wells, sources, and surface water. In most cases, these raw waters have to be purified and disinfected to comply with drinking water norms. Besides the purification, more and more countries are implementing water hardness control in order to supply 'soft' water to end users, leading to improved water quality that will lead to a higher sustainability due to lower use of detergents, reduced scaling and corrosion in transport pipes and household equipment. The AquaCalco® W product range is effectively used both in the purification process and in hardness control in accordance with the EN-12518 drinking water norm.


Features in more detail:

Hardness control:

  • The AquaCalco® products act as a pH-increasing reagent as well as a source of calcium and magnesium, which allow for good decarbonation or remineralization of drinking water.

pH control:

  • The AquaCalco® product range (Q, S, M) with a pH value of 12.6 has a high neutralization value, which allows a suitable and correct pH increase.
  • The AquaCalco® LS acts as a natural buffer as it slowly reacts with acidic water and neutralizes it up to a pH of around 7, while mineralizing the water with calcium and/or magnesium.

Precipitation of inorganic pollutants:

  • Thanks to the increase of the pH value, metals such as iron and aluminium, as well as components such as manganese, are effectively removed from drinking water.

Coagulation of suspended solids:

  • The products of the AquaCalco® range promote coagulation/ flocculation of suspended solids in water when used in combination with a coagulant such as iron or aluminium salts.


Benefits in more detail:


  • The decarbonization process with AquaCalco® W products, using pellet reactors, produces limestone pellets that can be valorized in agricultural and industrial processes such as glass, construction, etc.
  • Reduced wear of household equipment and reduced amount of detergents needed in households. 

Safe and easy to handle:

  • The AquaCalco® SW and MW are considered as non-ADR product and non-corrosive to the skin.
  • All AquaCalco® products are natural and mineral-based products limiting the addition of synthetic chemicals in the drinking water.

Unique hardness control medium:

  • The AquaCalco® W range has a unique dual function in the hardness control process as it works equally well to increase PH as it does as a source of calcium and magnesium.

TCO reduction:

  • AquaCalco® W is more cost efficient than other pH increasing neutralizing agents.
  • AquaCalco® W improves coagulation while reducing the need for other chemical reagents in physicochemical water treatment.
  • No limitation of availability and is produced locally.