app technology teams
Service | Water & Waste Treatment
Application Technology Teams

Carmeuse is able to provide you with reliable support and in-depth knowledge, from the moment you meet us. We offer this support and knowledge through our production facilities, directly to your plant...

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Product |

Our chemical grade limestone is used in the ironmaking process to produce the slag, which removes impurities from the iron ore while making liquid pig iron. Limestone is added to iron sinter and...

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customer service
Service | Civil Engineering
Customer Service

We work every day to put our knowledge and skills at the service of our customers by being there for you 24/7. We’re focused on taking care of you, our customer, as well as, expanding our reach to new...

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Service | Iron & Steel
EAF - Lime Injection

Improving safety and the working environment in any steel manufacturing site is of paramount importance, in addition to optimizing cost and delivering world-class performance to the stakeholders.

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foamy slag
Service | Iron & Steel
Foamy Slag Engineering

At Carmeuse, we work closely with you, our customers, in order to analyze your current slag-making practice. 

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cost opti
Service | Iron & Steel
Process and Cost Optimization

Carmeuse experts work closely with customers to assess the entire process, from lime sourcing to feeding in the furnace. 

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