"Sustainability has long been part of our DNA and we reinforce its importance continuously. We make all of our decisions in line with our values, and in alignment with the three pillars of sustainability: people, planet and prosperity. 'We contribute to a better world' is our company vision. This recurring theme guides our actions today and in the years to come."

- R. Collinet, CEO Carmeuse Group


People are our number one asset. We work hard to ensure the well-being and safety of the people we work with and those around us. Carmeuse collaborates with our local communities and behaves as a good and cautious neighbor.



Our long-term business strategy continues to ensure the growth and stability of our company.

Seedling showing growth


We at Carmeuse believe that careful, considerate, and responsible actions towards human health, natural resources, and the environment, is one of our greatest obligations as a company. 

Our planet


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