High Calcium Hydrated Lime


Hydrated lime, chemically known as calcium hydroxide (Ca(OH)2), or slaked lime, is a dry white powder derived from quicklime that has been mixed with water. Carmeuse high calcium hydrated lime is available as a dry bulk or bagged product and is used in a variety of industrial applications including flue gas treatment, water treatment, steelmaking, construction, and others.


  • High calcium content for superior performance
  • Consistent high purity to get critical performance for every ton
  • Releases very little exothermic heat when in contact with water making it easier and safer to use in certain applications when compared to high calcium quicklime or caustic soda
  • Various grades available to meet to your specific needs
  • Delivered onsite and ready-to-use

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Should I use quicklime, hydrated lime, or lime slurry?

When evaluating what lime product is best suited for your needs, several things should be taken into consideration:

  • Purity and quality of raw materials
  • Environmental compliance
  • Existing onsite equipment
  • Storage and transportation costs
  • Process throughput
  • Final product specifications

For an in-depth look at how these factors could impact your decision, read the “Quicklime, Hydrate or CALSAFE Lime Slurry?” article in our Knowledge Center.

Is high calcium hydrated lime dangerous?

Hydrated lime is generally considered more safe than caustic as lime has a pH of 12.45 at 25°C compared to caustic which has a pH of 14. As a result, skin contact with hydrated lime is rarely a health hazard, but always is with caustic. Nevertheless, proper PPE should be worn at all times and caution must be taken to properly shield your eyes from contact with hydrated lime. For a full outline of safety guidelines when using hydrated lime, see our Safety Data Sheet.

What is the difference between high calcium hydrated lime and dolomitic hydrated lime?

High calcium hydrated lime is produced from high calcium quicklime. Dolomitic hydrated lime, including Type S and Type SA, is produced from dolomitic quicklime, which is produced from dolomitic limestone. This is limestone with up to approximately 43% of the weight of the stone as magnesium carbonate, as opposed to high calcium limestone which contains less than 5% magnesium carbonate.

Are the specifications above consistent for all locations?

Product specifications will vary by location. For more information, including availability and product typicals for your area, contact our team.

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