From providing quality raw materials and helping find the right freight and logistics solution, to working with you to improve use of our products and keeping your lime handling systems running smoothly, our Carmeuse End-2-End Services support you at every step.

About our End-2-End Services

Carmeuse is so much more than a supplier of lime. We support the needs of our customers from the time they place their order for raw materials through to their application in a lime handling system.

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Innovation Center

The Innovation Center partners with our customers to ensure the most effective use of lime and limestone products in their applications. With state-of-the-art technology, a vast knowledge base, and decades of experience, the Innovation Center can act as your own expert R&D department to solve any problem you may encounter when it comes to the use of lime and lime-related products.

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Freight & Logistics

At Carmeuse, we know that producing quality raw materials is only the beginning of the journey. The next step is ensuring the right product gets to the right place, at the right time. This is where our talented supply chain and logistics experts come into play.

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Lime Handling Systems

Having the right lime handling system is essential to each customer’s process. Based on your requirements, Carmeuse Systems designs and supplies standalone lime storage and handling systems, as well as systems and components integrated into existing applications that best meet your project’s specifications.

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Customer Services

We are committed to supporting our customers’ product and equipment needs. Our goal is to make working with us simple – by providing easy ordering, reliable supply, and dependable support.

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