Trusted Partner from Source to Solution

Carmeuse is so much more than a supplier of lime. We support the needs of our customers from the time they place their order for raw materials through to their application in a lime handling system. Get to know the full range of our Carmeuse End-2-End services by watching this quick introduction.

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Providing Quality Raw Materials

We provide high quality raw materials and have the technical expertise to help ensure you are choosing the right lime product for your process.

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Simplifying Delivery

Our wide network of plants and terminals enables widespread product availability and reliable supply, and our expert logistics teams can help you find the best solution to get your material where it needs to be.

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Enhancing Systems

Through Carmeuse Systems, we can evaluate and enhance your lime handling systems. We can help you minimize waste and keep your systems running smoothly through upgrades, retrofits, maintenance scheduling and parts.

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Supporting Customer Innovation

With state-of-the-art technology, a vast knowledge base, and decades of experience, the Innovation Center can act as your own expert R&D department to solve any problem you may encounter when it comes to the use of lime and lime-related products.

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Providing Superior Customer Service

Carmeuse has a superior customer service team that works closely with customers to ensure their full satisfaction.

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Interested in Taking Advantage of End-2-End Services?

Carmeuse is happy to support customers from ‘source to solution’ through our End-2-End Services offering. Contact us to discuss how our team can support your needs.


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