Carmeuse is uniquely suited to provide end-to-end support for our clients, from the mines and quarries where we produce our products, to the very point of application in your operation, and everything in between. This includes expertise in the handling and storage of lime and other dry bulk reagents.


  • Engineering and Design Expertise for Complete Lime Handling Systems
  • Component Parts to Integrate into Existing Applications
  • System Retrofits and Upgrades
  • Maintenance and Replacement Parts at the Ready
  • Access to Experts to Diagnose System Issues and Improve Efficiencies

Who is Carmeuse Systems?

Carmeuse Systems is the expert in handling lime that designs, installs, and maintains systems to achieve peak performance for your application so you are confident that your operations will run more efficiently. We are Your Lime Handling ExpertsTM.

With over 50+ years of experience in designing, integrating, installing, and maintaining lime storage, handling, and slaking systems, our team at Carmeuse Systems possesses the expertise to understand how each part of the process functions both as an individual component and as an integrated system. We engineer solutions that fit customer needs and exceed safety, efficiency, and reliability standards. The lifecycle approach to these systems means that we will work with you to keep your lime system running efficiently and free of unplanned interruptions for the life of your system.


Having the right lime handling system is essential to each customer’s process. Based on your chemical type, safety requirements, site, storage volume, consumption rate, and more, Carmeuse Systems designs and supplies standalone lime storage and handling systems, as well as systems and components integrated into existing applications that best meet your project’s specifications. Our team can assist you with the following elements of a lime handling system:

  • Truck Unloading & Pneumatic Conveying
  • Silo Storage Solutions
  • Flow Promotion
  • Lime Slaking & Mobile Slurry Production
  • Slurry Storage & Mobile Slurry Storage
  • Feeding Solutions
  • Lime Injection Systems
  • System Retrofits & Upgrades
  • Maintenance Parts
  • Automation & Controls

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Carmeuse Systems Capability Brochure

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