CALSAFE® Lime Slurry


Lime slurry, or milk of lime, is a suspension of calcium hydroxide (Ca(OH)2) in water. Our CALSAFE lime slurry is a ready-made high calcium liquid lime formulated to adjust pH levels or add needed alkalinity for industrial processes. CALSAFE is safe and easy to use, requiring no solids handling.


  • High calcium content enables efficient use as an alkali (base) to raise pH levels
  • As a ready-to-use liquid, CALSAFE lime slurry alleviates the challenges associated with dry-feed systems including bridged silos, plugged feed, and slaker repairs and maintenance
  • Minimizes the loss of lime which occurs when handling dry product
  • Eliminates dust concerns, reducing mess in-shop and lessening environmental impact
  • Simplifies shipping, storage and handling as no slaking equipment is needed
  • Reduced capital costs compared to quicklime and hydrated lime processing
  • Safety advantages as it requires no solids handling and is non-hazardous (compared to caustic soda)

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Should I use lime slurry or caustic soda?

There are distinct advantages switching to lime from caustic soda, including cost savings and improved safety for users. To see a closer examination comparing lime products to caustic soda, read our article, Switching to Calcium Products from Caustic Soda

Is lime slurry safe?

Lime slurry is generally considered more safe than caustic as lime has a pH of 12.45 at 25°C compared to caustic which has a pH of 14. As a result, skin contact with lime slurry is rarely a health hazard, but always is with caustic. Nevertheless, proper PPE should be worn at all times and caution must be taken to properly shield your eyes from contact with lime slurry. For a full outline of safety guidelines when using CALSAFE lime slurry, see our Safety Data Sheet.

What are best practices for handling lime slurry?

For an in-depth look at what you need to know for safe delivery, offloading, and storage of CALSAFE lime slurry, read our article Lime Slurry Handling: A Good Practice Guide

Are the specifications above consistent for all locations?

Product specifications will vary by location. For more information, including availability and product typicals for your area, contact our team

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