Specialty Products

As a leading provider of lime and limestone, Carmeuse provides customers with specialty products that are less common in the industry and specific product mixes for your applications.

For certain applications in steelmaking and flue gas treatment, there arises a need for specialized lime and limestone products. For these instances, Carmeuse can provide specialty products to suit the customer’s needs and applications including FUSITE, DOLOPEL®, Magnesium Enhanced Lime (MEL), and Certified Recycled products. Many of the products’ characteristics are customized based upon the needs of the application including composition, particle sizing and packaging.

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Specialty Products We Provide




Additional End-2-End Services Offered

Carmeuse is much more than lime and limestone. Through our Carmeuse End-2-End Services, we support you every step of the journey from providing quality raw materials and helping find the right logistics solutions, to working with you on enhancing your lime handling system.


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Quality Raw Materials

We provide high quality raw materials and have the technical expertise to help ensure you are choosing the right lime product for your process.


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Simplifying Delivery

Our wide network of plants and terminals enables widespread product availability and reliable supply, and our expert logistics teams can help you find the best solution to get your material where it needs to be.


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Enhancing Systems

We can evaluate and enhance your lime handling systems. We can help you minimize waste and keep your systems running smoothly through upgrades, retrofits, maintenance scheduling and parts.

For more information related to our End-2-End Services and additional offerings, please visit our End-2-End Services page.

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