Bulk Ag Lime


One of the most important factors for ensuring a good agricultural crop yield is the condition of your soil. Plant growth is dependent on the appropriate soil pH which can be maintained using ag lime. Our high calcium bulk ag lime is used to raise your soils’ pH, prevent soil acidity, and provide available calcium and magnesium nutrition to your crops.

The use of agricultural lime is also an important tool for increasing profitability. In acidic soils, agricultural lime could return $5-$10 for every $1 invested in it.


  • Neutralizes soil acidity creating the best environment for plant growth
  • Allows for improved root structure ensuring healthier crops
  • Ag lime improves drainage in overly organic and plastic soils
  • Enhances nutrient availability to improve your crop yields
  • Nutrient availability optimizes fertilizer saving you money
  • Economical and easy to apply, putting more profit in your pocket
  • Product where and when you need it with our network of ag lime sources

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Where can I buy bulk high calcium ag lime?

Carmeuse is happy to discuss your bulk ag lime needs. We can provide ag lime in bulk quantities while assisting with the freight and logistics of getting it to your farm.

Is agricultural lime harmful to humans?

Our bulk ag lime comes from 100% natural limestone. Be sure to review the safety data sheets before utilizing any product.

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