Magnesium Enhanced Quicklime


Magnesium enhanced lime (MEL) plays a critical role in keeping coal-fired boilers in compliance with environmental regulations. It is used in wet flue gas desulphurization (FGD) to reduce sulfur dioxide and other acid gases. MEL is derived from a high calcium limestone that is naturally higher in magnesium content, but not enough to be classified as dolomite. Additionally, this limestone is unique in that the calcium and magnesium are not bonded together, as is the case in typical dolomitic limestone. This particular chemistry allows use within a specifically designed wet FGD system where the separated calcium magnesium enhances sulfur dioxide scrubbing. 


  • Reduces SO2, SO3, HCI and HF
  • Improves fuel flexibility
  • Reduction in absorber recirculation power, reagent and equipment costs due to increased efficiency in acid capture
  • Prevents the gypsum scaling in essential equipment
  • Easier start-up and faster reaction to load changes because magnesium acts as a buffer
  • Decreased plume opacity
  • Allows for the making of sellable gypsum which increases profitability
  • Assists with regulatory compliance standards

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