Our Mission statement shapes our company, our operations and our business activities. Most importantly, we pursue our mission according to a set of values we believe are essential to fulfilling our short- and long-term goals.

We care about people.
We dare to think differently.
We embrace innovation.

Our Vision statement guides our business strategy, our actions and our individual goals. 

We contribute to a better world. 

Our Values represent our core beliefs and govern how we behave. It is our DNA and an important part of our culture. We operate all over the world – in different countries, different cultures, with different religions and political beliefs. Our values provide a framework on how we bridge these differences and use them to strengthen our company.

Customer Focus

  • Deliver the right quality in terms of product, services, and any deliverables
  • Make our customer’s life easier
  • Exceed customer expectations

Long Term

  • Earn the loyalty of our customers
  • Operate efficiently
  • Invest to last, invest for tomorrow


  • Address problems and resolve them
  • Own our decisions
  • Nothing we do is worth getting injured


  • Respect our commitments
  • Respect others, their ideas, their differences, and their cultures
  • Respect the environment, nature, and our communities


  • Simplify processes where possible
  • Provide maximum added value with minimal resources
  • Spend wisely


At Carmeuse Americas, we are committed to delivering products and services that meet and exceed customer expectations for consistency, reliability and value. Based upon the quality principles outlined by the ISO 9001:2015 standard, the Carmeuse System for Management ensures we preserve that commitment.

We address certain end user specifications and regulatory requirements through compliance with and certification to industry standards and requirements such as ISO 9001:2015 and NSF/ANSI 60.

Carmeuse Americas values responsibility, and our operations are routinely audited by both internal and external auditors in order to:

  • Ensure that business is run consistently and effectively, in accordance with the documented Carmeuse System for Management
  • Verify that the business operates in compliance with applicable industry standards and regulations
  • Confirm that customer requirements are included in planning, and that those requirements are met or exceeded
  • Identify best practices to implement across the business, and opportunities for continuous improvement focus

Click here to explore the scope of our ISO 9001:2015 Certification and a listing of Carmeuse products certified to NSF/ANSI 60.

Carmeuse Badge of Honor