Our Story

Carmeuse is a global manufacturer of lime and limestone products used in a variety of applications, which provide cleaner air, safer water and improved soil characteristics. Founded in 1860, Carmeuse is a privately owned Belgian company evolving from a calcium-based mineral provider into a company that continues to add integrated services. Carmeuse and its subsidiaries offer equipment and engineering services to optimize our customers’ processes, improve safety, and provide reliable supply.

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Our Commitment

Carmeuse is dedicated to setting the standard as the leader of our industry. We want to be the organization others reference, the company known for the care and respect we show for our people, our customers and the environment in which we live and upon which we all depend. Carmeuse has built its success and its growth upon a mission, a vision and a set of values that are fundamental to how we conduct business in the countries in which we operate.

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Our company history dates back more than 160 years when Léon Collinet succeeded in bringing together several independent lime quarries in 1860 to become a major Belgium lime company. A lot has changed for Carmeuse along the way. We have expanded our global footprint, developed new offerings to support new and existing markets, and we have had to adapt to technological advances. However, one thing has been constant over this time, our commitment to our customers, our communities, and our people.

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Highly experienced and dedicated global and regional management teams position Carmeuse as a leader in the industry, drive a strong spirit of service towards the customer, and stay the course to a promising future. Get to know the members of our senior leadership, both globally and regionally, who are leading the direction of our company.

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