Dolomitic Hydrated Lime


Dolomitic Hydrated Lime is used in various industrial applications, agricultural applications, and within building materials like mortar. There are four types of hydrated lime used in building applications: Type N, Type NA, Type S, and Type SA. Carmeuse produces Type S and Type SA.


  • Meets ASTM C207 specifications – Type S
  • Better workability & elasticity
  • Imparts low water penetration or leakage to the finished product
  • Flexural strength
  • Cost savings over traditional masonry cement
  • Adds bond strength and seismic resistance
  • Ideal for mixing small or large batches

Type S Hydrated Lime and Type SA Hydrated Lime are available in 50 lb bags, super sacks, or in bulk. For additional information, to view our Product Typical Sheets, or to discuss availability with our sales group, please contact us.

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Is hydrated lime dangerous?

There are specific safety precautions that must be taken when handling, storing, and using lime in any form. Appropriate safety regulations should be followed at all times. For a full outline of safety guidelines when using hydrated lime, see our Safety Data Sheet.

Is Type S hydrated lime the same as lime?

Type S is a hydrated dolomitic lime.

Is dolomitic hydrated lime the same as hydrated lime?

Dolomitic hydrated lime contains a higher % magnesium and lower % calcium vs high calcium hydrated lime.

Are the specifications above consistent for all locations?

Product specifications will vary by location. For more information, including availability and product typicals for your area, contact our team.

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