Understanding Your Market Needs

Waste management is now a priority for all. Reducing, reusing and recycling our waste must be everyone’s focus. Nevertheless, energy recovery from the waste’s remaining fraction is the best solution. That is because this fraction is a sustainable part of the waste management chain, while generating valuable and renewable energy. This sector is among the cleanest in Europe, because of the reduction of pollutant emissions from waste-to-energy plants, in line with some of the world’s strictest regulations.

Plant operators face added costs due to the need to comply with these strict emission limits, and yet they receive no compensation. Emission control systems should allow extremely high removal efficiency, while offering full reliability. Redundancy can improve a system’s reliability, but it significantly increases compliance cost. Consequently, multiple factors affect the selection of flue gas cleaning process and significantly impact the system’s operation going forwards. One such impact stems from the reagent specifications, including the reagent’s availability and price.

Solutions to Meet Your Needs

Carmeuse experts can help you determine the best solution for your needs, by taking into account all the costs associated with your flue gas cleaning project. They may also recommend dedicated solutions, depending on a local context. Classical reagent, specialty sorbents and associated services are all part of our solutions:

  • CleanCalco® LS
  • CleanCalco® QL
  • CleanCalco® CDS
  • CleanCalco® SD
  • CleanCalco® FGC
  • CleanCalco® HPV
  • CleanCalco® FGC-AC
  • CleanCalco® Depurcal

Besides a quality product, our services include:

  • Evaluation & Demonstration Trial
  • On-site Operations Support
  • Tune-IT
  • Store & Inject
  • Quality & Innovations
  • Customer Services & Supply Solutions

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