Understanding Your Market Needs

Lime and dolime are the most economical and environmentally friendly fluxes. Besides acting as an antidote to impurities, they help to clean the steel and protect refractories. Soft-burnt lime, which has a large specific surface and good reactivity, favours both dephosphorization and desulphurization. Higher quality lime facilitates a lower consumption of lime and an improvement in steel melt shop productivity.

What is the impact of lime quality on steel productivity and cost?
How can Tap to Tap time (TTT) and productivity of BOF/EAF be improved?
How can dephosphorization in BOF be improved and how can clean steel be made?

Solutions to Meet Your Needs

  • Carmeuse supplies quality products that have consistent properties, in order to help steel-makers overcome these challenges: this allows you to focus on producing cleaner steel.
  • Our products include pebble (lump) lime and dolo-lime for direct charging though belt conveyors or a scrap bucket; pulverized flow-aided lime for injection through nozzles in the QBOP or KOBM process; and special lime and dolomitic lime for injection into an EAF through roof batching or side wall injection.
  • The demands of modern industry require lighter, cost-effective and stronger steel of the highest chemical purity. Our lime helps our customers achieve this purity by cleaning steel of contaminants, such as sulphur and phosphorus, thus resulting in high quality steel.

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