Understanding Your Market Needs

Fine soils with a poor bearing ratio are often a major challenge for geo-engineers and designers. When ViaCalco® is mixed into fine soils, an unworkable site can be converted into a solid working platform. This provides a base for further construction of all types of subgrade, capping layers and subbases for highways, railways, roads, industrial areas, airports or other earthworks related to civil engineering projects.

Wet, weak, and fine-grained soil can pose a major challenge at many construction sites. A muddy site makes for difficult working conditions, such as access for site traffic vehicles. A site like this can also make it harder to achieve compaction requirements established by the project’s civil or geotechnical engineer. Wet and poorly compacted soil results in poor pavement support and embankment/fill. At a construction site, loss of time means loss of money.

Solutions to Meet Your Needs

ViaCalco® immediately dries up fine clay containing soils. It also improves the working conditions during construction, thanks to the flocculation effect of lime and clay. Geotechnical pre-studies can even optimize the reuse of soil, resulting in long-term improvements. Adding ViaCalco® can result in three major soil improvements:

  • Soil drying – reducing the soil moisture content.
  • Soil modification – reducing soil plasticity, aiding compaction and increasing early strength.
  • Soil stabilization – increasing long-term strength, reducing swell potential, and resistance to freeze-thaw.

ViaCalco® treated soil can offer a number of economic advantages for a construction project:

  • Costs less than other soil improvement options, particularly when compared to ‘remove-and-replace’ when using aggregate base course and geo-synthetic materials.
  • Rapidly improves the load-bearing carrying capacity of the on-site soil, allowing construction materials to be delivered and providing a solid working platform for other construction operations. Time is money – lime helps keep the job on schedule.
  • Reduces pavement costs, because ViaCalco® stabilized soil has a long-term strength that can be considered in pavement design, since it is integrated in subgrade and capping layers.

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