Understanding Your Market Needs

Sand-lime bricks are made out of sand, lime and water (no additives). By high pressing the mixture and autoclaving afterwards, a firm white building material is produced. Architects often prescribe sand-lime bricks for a building project, because of the bricks’ good acoustic insulation, good heat and humidity absorption, as well as excellent fire resistance.

High-strength bricks are often needed for heavy load-bearing masonry. External masonry and internal walls typically need thermal and sound insulation, as designers aim to achieve multiple benefits for the entire building by using the same type of wall-building materials. Masonry needs to be cost-efficient, not only in terms of the bottom line but also as a building material.

Solutions to Meet Your Needs

Sand-lime brick is a precast building material that simultaneously provides structure, thermal insulation and sound insulation. These bricks are produced by mixing lime, sand, and water into a batch process, where the lime must react immediately with the quicklime to develop some early ‘green’ strength before entering the autoclave.

Quicklime – which has a specific chemistry, reactivity and fineness – is one of the key elements in the process to cast sand-lime products. Lime plasters and renders have a similar linear expansion coefficient to sand-lime bricks, and this helps to avoid cracking at the surface.

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