Understanding Your Market Needs

In the paper and pulp industry, lime is mainly used in the Kraft process. Here lime is used in causticization – the recovery of sodium hydroxide by the reaction of slaked lime Ca(OH)2 and sodium carbonate Na2CO3. This reaction generates sodium hydroxide (NaOH), which is reused in the pulp process and calcium carbonate (CaCO3.). This calcium carbonate (as a mud) can be calcinated in the local lime kiln to generate quicklime, which is then slaked and reused in causticization.

Fresh quicklime (around 250kg/T of pulp) must be added regularly in this process, to keep the concentration of impurities within an acceptable limit.

In pulp and paper plants, lime can be used for many other purposes. They include water treatment, pH neutralisation, and flue gas cleaning, and so on. 

The reactivity of lime and CaO content must be the best possible, in order to facilitate a smooth slaking process and the best yield in sodium hydroxide recovery.

Solutions to Meet Your Needs

Carmeuse supplies high quality lump lime for this application.

High quality quicklime can help to reduce this NPE loading, and our technical support can assist with process optimization to reduce the negative effects. We can meet your supply demands during planned outages and even many unplanned outages.