Environmental compliance is constantly evolving. Related legislation is increasingly strict and, of course, your core process upstream of the treatment unit evolves over time. As a result, the design value of your unit is no longer the actual value. So environmental compliance unit becomes less optimized and less smooth than it was initially. 

Carmeuse TechPartner experts have a long experience in many industrial sectors, with many different environmental compliance processes designed by a wide range of engineering companies. This source of information/skills is made available to you during our entire collaboration:​

  • On-site Audits.​
  • Sampling and lab analyses.​
  • Parameters evaluation for troubleshooting the environmental compliance system.​
  • Evaluation of and recommendations for new set points/product specifications to realign operations with new needs/requirements/situations.​
  • Optimizing flue gas cleaning operations.​
  • Evaluation and improvement of the reagent storage, dosing, preparation and handling.​

​The Carmeuse TechPartner Team is fully equipped to run such activities, thanks to:​

  • Mobile measurement equipment: to measure on-site key parameters.​
  • Analytical lab: trained with different standard reagents and by-products of your flue gas cleaning unit, and able to ‘visualize’ the process.​
  • Mobile pilot plant: to run trials with alternative setups/reagent, while taking no risk in terms of compliance (as the installed treatment line remains unchanged).​

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