Our specialty products (e.g., CleanCalco HPV) are reducing environmental impacts (CO2 footprint, use of natural resources…) of customers’ environment compliance versus alternative product, processes. Services offered (e.g. optimization) are further reducing this environmental impact, allowing customers to generate savings & minimize their impact on environment while meeting compliance level. ​

​Feel free to contact Carmeuse to evaluate options to reduce the environmental impact & cost of compliance while securing a full adherence to the emission limits.​

​In environmental compliance applications, we are busy with several initiatives in order to recover by-product streams, treat them and reuse in order to loop the Calcium and bring circularity to the environmental compliance treatment. We have already developed recovery paths for some specific streams, such as:​

  • Coal combustion products (ashes) reuse in construction and remediation.​
  • Biosolids reuse in fields as organic amendment.​
  • Thermal recovery of combustible waste and by-products.​
  • Specific Air Pollution Control Residues for further reuse in construction.​

​Our Innovations team is constantly developing new routes for new specific stream. Do not hesitate to contact us to evaluate options that could be put in place for your specific stream.​

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