Key Considerations

  • TerraCalco® 95 is the fastest and most efficient product to increase soil pH. If your soil’s pH is below the ideal of 6.8-7.2, you can apply TerraCalco® 95 to achieve a significantly higher crop yield, plus better utilization of NPK fertilizers in your field.
  • To help you understand the real needs of your soil, we can provide our soil sampling and advisory service – TerraService. It will reveal the present status of your soil and suggest the best input for you to reach the highest yield of any crop you want to grow.
  • Adding TerraCalco® will spectacularly improve the compacted soil structure. This provides much better water management in the soil, ensuring the soil’s water reserves are more available for crop roots.
  • Soil that is improved by TerraCalco® 95 will provide an ideal environment for most of the useful bacteria and fungus. The roots of your crops will therefore grow bigger in your biologically healthy soil, resulting in stronger plants and a better yield. It helps to preserve the life in the soil.

Your Benefits

  • High quality soil pH management material (compliant with EU regulation 2003/2003).
  • Neutralizing value up to 98.
  • Size: 2-8 mm, can be spread by fertilizer spreader.
  • Quickly soluble in water.
  • Delivered either in 1 tonne or in 700 kg big bags.