Key Considerations

TerraCalco® 55 is traditionally used for soil pH increase. This material is milled limestone, which is a good Ca resource for plants, if it’s as fine as our product. The granulometry of TerraCalco® 55 is 0-200 microns. This kind of product is soluble only in acids, such as the citric acid from plants’ roots, which is why fineness is a very important feature of our product.

To spread this product on a field, you must use a Terragator or a specific, covered spreader to handle the fine material.

The neutralizing value of this product is 55. By comparision with TerraCalco® 95, you must therefore use the double amount of this product for spreading and allow for a longer impact period.

Your Benefits

  • High calcium carbonate, with the most appropriate granulometry for soil pH improvement.
  • Neutralizing value of 55, thanks to the high purity of TerraCalco 55.
  • Delivered in bulk.