Key Considerations

These products are crucial to improve the general condition of soils, by increasing soils’ pH up to a good level and ensuring this lasts over the long term.

TerraCalco® is a source of calcium, which is one of the most important soil-structuring elements. The usage of TerraCalco® allows a better intake of the fertilizers like nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus.

Your Benefits

TerraCalco® products essentially improve soil performance by managing its pH. This improves the cation exchange capacity and the soil structure.

TerraCalco® increases the alkalinity of soil. A higher pH helps to:

  • Increase the amount of organic and natural fertilizers available for fields, vegetables, vineyards, etc., resulting in a better crop yield.
  • Improve the soil structure, thus increasing the potential production.
  • Avoid the toxic alumina, and participe then to a better development of the crops

Carmeuse offers the range of Terracalco® products for enhancing and maintaining the good condition of soil:

  • The perfect soil pH for crops is between 6.8 and 7.2.
  • A lower boundary pH brings a risk of alumina toxicity (<5.2) and a high structural instability that can kill crops, resulting in an extremely low yield.
  • Regular use of TerraCalco® allows maintenance of good field performance.

Advantages of Terracalco®

  • Improves soil structure.
  • Optimizes the soil potential.
  • Boosts the effect of fertilizers.
  • Promotes biological activity.
  • Increases the organic matter in soil.
  • Protects plants.

Variation of this product

terracalco 95
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The quickest solution for soil pH management, with the highest Ca content, granulated, and spread-able with common fertilizer spreaders.

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terracalco 55
Product |


Fine powder material, traditional solution, lower Ca content, and delayed effect.

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