Key Considerations

Breeding hygiene is vital for your farm’s health and profitability. 
OPTILIT® is especially useful in cases of:

  • Mastitis, which can easily cause significant loss of milk, and/or a shift of the lactation period.
  • Hoof infections: dermatitis can infect more than a third of your cattle, leading to loss of livestock due to lameness.
  • Digital Dermatitis causes pain for your animals and a loss for you.
  • Parasites in the litter, such as gall, biting lice, mealworms etc.

Your Benefits

Carmeuse developed OPTILIT® to meet these needs:

  • Reduction in the number of cases of mastitis.
  • Drying of the litter.
  • Savings on the quantities of straw used.
  • Enrichment of manure with alkaline supplements.
  • Weaning new-born pigs in a quick, healthy and gentle way, to keep them in the best condition.