Key Considerations

Hydrate has been used as a primary ingredient in masonry mortars for centuries, and is still used in both historic and contemporary applications. Mortars made with lime and cement exhibit superior workability balanced by appropriate compressive strength, combined with high flexural strength, low water permeability and superior bond strength.

Hydrate is a major constituent in plasters and renders, as it enhances the strength, durability, and workability of these finishes.

Decorcal is a blend of Mekal® and seashells. It is used in façade mortars, to simulate old mortars used in the past, and is mostly combined with traditional clay bricks.

Your Benefits

Studies have compared the performance of cement-lime mortars with masonry cement mortars. Cement-lime mortars have shown higher bond and shear strength and lower water leakage. Decorcal® is unique thanks to its combination of shells in the mix, giving an old look to newly constructed buildings or renovated old farms and houses.