Key Considerations

Milk-of-lime acts as a reagent for (semi-)wet processes, which are widely used. One factor influencing the pollutant removal efficiency is the quality of the reagent. On-site production can be problematic, as it requires a fine control of the exothermic reaction with quicklime in order to reach the targeted milk-of-lime properties and the consistency of those characteristics. An alternative and simpler solution is to create a suspension starting from hydrated lime. In this set-up, the characteristics of the milk-of-lime will be governed by the properties of the hydrated lime procured, as there is no chemical reaction.

CleanCalco® SD is our hydrated lime engineered for suspension. This dry, white and ready-to-use powder can easily be put in suspension for milk-of-lime preparation. Its properties allow the generation of a reactive milk-of-lime, with high Ca(OH)2 content and homogeneous particle size distribution. This extra-fine powder can also be used in dry processes, when a small particle size and a small distribution are required.

Your Benefits

  • Guaranteed availability.
  • Guaranteed consistency.
  • Customer support for technical or logistics issues.
  • Premium quality.
  • Ease of use.
  • Savings on maintenance.
  • Increased reliability of FGC unit.