Key Considerations

Milk of lime acts as a reagent for (semi)wet processes, which are widely used. One of the factors influencing the efficiency of pollutant removal is the quality of the reagent. On-site production can be problematic, as it requires fine control of the exothermic reaction with live lime to achieve the targeted properties of the lime milk and the consistency of these characteristics. An alternative and simpler solution is to create a slurry from hydrated lime. In this set-up, the characteristics of the lime milk will be governed by the properties of the hydrated lime obtained, as there is no chemical reaction.

CleanCalco® SD is our hydrated lime designed for suspension. This dry, white, ready-to-use powder can easily be put into suspension for the preparation of lime milk. Its properties allow the generation of a reactive lime milk with a high Ca(OH)2 content and a homogeneous particle size distribution. This extra-fine powder can also be used in dry processes where a small particle size and low distribution are required.

Your Benefits

  • Guaranteed availability.
  • Guaranteed consistency.
  • Customer support for technical or logistical problems.
  • Premium quality.
  • Ease of use.
  • Maintenance savings.
  • Increased reliability of the FGC unit.