Key Considerations

Milk-of-lime acts as a reagent for (semi-)wet processes, which are widely used. One factor influencing the pollutant removal efficiency is the quality of the reagent. On-site production is a solution when large quantities are needed and when the right process equipment is installed. The properties of quicklime (purity, reactivity and particle size distribution) are all factors that influence the slaking process. It is therefore essential to have consistent values over time and properties that are aligned with the design value of the reagent preparation unit.

CleanCalco® QL product offers a high consistency in the reactivity and purity, in order to maintain smooth operation of the milk-of-lime preparation unit. CleanCalco® QL is delivered fully milled, with constant particle size, and is ready to use in the slaking process.

Your Benefits

  • Guaranteed availability.
  • Guaranteed consistency.
  • Customer support for technical or logistics issues.
  • Premium quality.
  • Ease of use.
  • Savings on maintenance.
  • Increased reliability of FGC unit.