Key Considerations

In dry flue gas cleaning, the speed of reaction is determined for example by the probability of contact between active sites of hydrated lime particles and the molecules of pollutant. It’s possible to increase the probability of reaction by increasing the active sites on the particles of hydrated lime. So for a given reaction time (imposed by the flue gas cleaning installation), the pollutant capture efficiency can be improved. Increasing the specific surface and the porosity of the hydrated lime particle is a documented technique to reach this target.

CleanCalco® HPV is our engineered hydrated lime product for dry flue gas cleaning treatment. It is a dry, white and ready-to-use powder. The specific surface (BET) of this hydrate is increased above 40 m²/g and the porous volume reaches 0.2 cm³/g. This increased specific surface and high porosity offer a larger contact surface with the pollutant, resulting in the highest efficiency available on the market on key environmental acidic components (SOX, HCl, HF). This improved performance leads to a reduced reagent need, reducing the environmental impact (CO2 emission…)

Your Benefits

  • Reduced dosage compared to high-quality hydrated lime, in order to reach the same efficiency: this leads to a lower treatment cost and a lower environmental impact (up to 50% CO2 reduction).
  • Guaranteed availability.
  • Guaranteed consistency.
  • Customer support for technical or logistics issues.
  • Premium quality.
  • Improved fluidity property to increase ease of use.
  • Savings on maintenance.
  • Increased reliability of FGC unit.