Understanding Your Market Needs

Metal concentration in non-ferrous ores has been decreasing for decades. In most cases, this disables direct metal extraction from ores. These must be beneficiated, or processed to concentrate, and this concentrate is further used for metal extraction. Froth flotation is the most common way to beneficiate non-ferrous ores. Flotation is a physical process requiring a special combination of several chemicals. Its efficiency is influenced by making the right choice of chemicals and their quality.

Solutions to Meet Your Needs

Lime is a key chemical used in ore flotation and it has several functionalities, such as:

  • pH adjustment in combination with further chemicals.
  • Depressant separating pyrite at copper ore flotation.
  • Depressant in selective flotation of nickel sulphidic ores.

Lime is mostly used in a liquid form (milk-of-lime), prepared at on-site liming units. Lime quality and best operation practices at a milk-of-lime unit are crucial for the flotation process efficiency.

Carmeuse has developed the AquaCalco® product range specifically for ore flotation and hydrometallurgical processes. This specialized range also includes ready-made milk-of-lime in a range of concentrations.

  • AquaCalco® Q
  • AquaCalco® S
  • AquaCalco® M

Other Non-Ferrous applications

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