Global | December 8, 2020

Yes We Plant

This week, our quarry in Moha is in the spotlight – we started the second phase of the project consisting in the planting of 10 km of hedges at 5 sites in Wallonia. What does 10 km of hedges actually mean? Around 30.000 plants that will form genuine vegetal barriers between the quarries and the surrounding villages and will form ecological corridors between different natural sites thus promoting biodiversity. This project has been inspired by the commitment of the Walloon government to plan 4000 km of hedges as a major contribution to the development of biodiversity in Wallonia.

The planting in Moha takes place until the end of this week and includes 3.6 km of hedges.

Another one of our sustainability projects worth mentioning here is to plant 42.500 trees in the Wallonia region, in the next three years.

Watch the interview with Frédéric De Visscher, our Environment Director: