Event | October 15, 2021

Carmeuse at the Belgian Concrete Day

Filler has been used for more than 2 decades in Belgium as type I filler in concrete mixes. The story started with the introduction of self-compacting concrete in the sector. The knowledge about limestone flour - better known as Calcitec , in concrete evolved very positively over the same period through research and enormous practical experience. With the inclusion of the Equivalent Concrete Performance Concept (ECPC) in the Belgian concrete standard NBN 15.100, the possibility has been created to give high-quality limestone flour a cement substitute character. For this, the ATG trajectory has to be followed: limestone flour thus does not become a type II filler, but can replace cement, one-on-one, in proven combinations.

Carmeuse applied for the ATG for Limestone Flour 8 years ago - first to draw up a guideline - and then passed all the test procedures with the product Calcitec CM from Moha. This ATG for Limestone Flour is unique and progressive in the world, as the ATG allows Calcitec CM to replace up to 20% cement in well-defined cement-limestone flour combinations, and environmental classes. In addition, Carmeuse has also recently started up a new limestone grinding plant at the Aisemont quarry, with a capacity of 450,000 tons per year, by far the largest unit in Benelux, to meet and guarantee the growing demand from the concrete sector.

On a global level, concrete is responsible for about 8% of our planet's CO2 footprint, making it one of the industries looked at to achieve a CO2-free Europe by 2050. Based on our calculations, Belgian concrete producers, using this ATG and our new production capacity in Aisemont, will reduce the CO2 footprint of their products by 15%. This results in a reduction of 130,000 tons per year of CO2 for the sector.