Event | October 27, 2021
6 years of Life In Quarries project

The final conference of the LIFE in Quarries project, in which Carmeuse participated with our quarries Moha and Frasnes, took place today in Brussels. 

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Concrete Day
Event | October 15, 2021
Carmeuse at the Belgian Concrete Day

Our ATG-certificate for Partial Cement Replacement with Calcitec – or milled limestone – was presented at the Belgian Concrete Day. It offer opportunities for concrete producers to reduce costs and...

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Global | October 8, 2021
6000 days without accident in Deva plant, Romania

Today, we invite you to join us in celebrating an impressive record of 6000 days without accidents in Deva plant, Romania.

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medal Terracalco
Event | October 6, 2021
Terracalco® 95 wins a Grand Gold Medal in the Novi Sad...

Terracalco® 95 was evaluated as a top-quality product in the category of mineral nutrients and soil improvers and was awarded the highest possible recognition. 

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Tim_Kanaal Z.png
Sustainability | October 4, 2021
Tim Van den Bossche, CEO Carmeuse Europe, in the...

Tim Van den Bossche, CEO Carmeuse Europe, was invited by Kanaal Z to participate in the Captains of Industry Nieuwpoort Talks, debating the sustainability challenges that companies face nowadays and...

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Global | September 8, 2021
Minister Borsus visits the future Columbus site of...

Carmeuse and its partners of the Columbus project, John Cockerill and Engie had the honor to receive the Walloon Minister of Economy Willy Borsus and his team at the Engie site of Amercoeur. The...

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