Understanding Your Market Needs

Refining at the Ladle Metallurgical Furnace is the last but most important stage of the steel-melting process. This stage offers steel-makers a final chance to refine the slag, as well as to adjust both the chemical composition and temperature of the steel. There should be no compromise on the selection of fluxes, in order to ensure the highest quality possible.

How can the highest quality possible be achieved in the last stage of the steel-melting process?

Solutions to Meet Your Needs

  • Lime removes macro-impurities in primary metallurgical processes, enabling the final refining stage. At this point, alloys are added to finish the production of steel and prepare it for casting and shaping.
  • Carmeuse lime meets the chemical and physical characteristics required by this final refining stage. Additives must be chosen and added carefully, in order to remove indigenous inclusions and keep out any external impurities.

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